Timeless Radio

Clock Radio represents timeless music, sounds and memories - some long forgotten and others worth remembering ... Anything from a current adult contemporary (family friendly) hit - back to the 70s where you might hear an ancient Springbok Radio Jingle! Bookmark us now! We are in the process of creating 5 more channels - each with their own targeted focus. In the meantime - enjoy 5 more radio stations we love! (The 6th channel is a dedicated 'Sleep Zone' channel for insomniacs!)

Go Treat Your Ears

We Want You!

How about some SPONSORED ADVERTISING? Clock Radio and WeCloud present 'The Free Lunch' - simply click on the voice note tab to the right of the screen and send us a voice note now! We want to advertise your business for free at 1pm daily (weekdays) - You don't have to sound professional - just do your best! You have 90 seconds free airtime to use so give it a shot now - what have you got to lose? Let us help you as we all navigate our way through these tough times! Keep it locked to Clock and support WeCloud by clicking on the button below!


Does Your Brand Have a Sound?

Memorable Audio

It's most likely you can remember at least 5 famous Jingles or Audiologos with very little memory provocation! Jingles are not as expensive as you think and if you don't have one - why not find out? - Chat to us about a quote and sample options.

A Great Voice for a Great Brand Like Yours!

You've chosen a great font for your company logo - good job! - You even picked the right colours and it's really standing out nicely - especially as you had a top graphic designer set it up for you. Now - what does your logo sound like? If you are using audio anywhere - you will need the right voice (and an audiologo) to accompany your visual brand if you are going to the 'next level' of marketing! Chat to us about samples and quotes for your next audio productions.

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